Development of training methods and programmes

Our training methods and programmes aim at identifying and teaching the essential skills (knowledge, expertise and inter-personal skills) to the personnel within the context of the missions assigned to them, in order to optimize flight security and contribute to air transport safety.

This goal can be achieved thanks to our airport culture and our aeronautical expertise.
The C2FPA is run by professionals of aeronautics and works with institutional bodies and airport entities.
The training centre has relations with leading companies of aircraft construction and air transport.
It has the expertise resulting from several decades of experience in airport safety.

Our Training Committee, which is made up of members coming from the whole civil and military aeronautical sector, in aircraft safety-related functions, shows the active participation of the airport community in the development of our training methods and programmes. The role of the Training Committee is to give an opinion on all C2FPA’s training programmes and methods and also to take part in the development of new efficient training aids which meet the current and future issues of air transport. These training aids enable to apply C2FPA’s instructions directly on the airport.

Our competence allows us to define training objectives according to the missions and the functions held by the air transport security personnel. A training tree diagram is drawn up from these objectives, which enables everyone to organize and build up all the knowledge necessary for his/her work.