Air quality

The C2FPA takes human health and respect for nature into account as a priority.




All C2FPA fire workshops run on LPG rather than kerosene.

In liquid and/or vapour forms to guarantee the realism conditions in fire reproduction, the LPG gas, a mixture of butane and propane, contains no benzene and no sulphur which would be dangerous for the environment. It has a gross calorific value greater than the kerosene.

The LPG combustion (soot) produces no particles and significantly limits the emissions of carbon dioxide, which is one of the gases responsible for greenhouse effect.

The LPG combustion generates no smell, no smoke and produces little carbon monoxide, relatively few unburned hydrocarbons and quite little carbon dioxide in comparison with other petroleum derivative fuels. This combustion mainly gives off vapour and carbon dioxide but in lower quantity, which makes the LPG indispensable as an alternative energy.

With these responsible measures, the C2FPA protects all the personnel, trainees and instructors, from very toxic “black smoke” coming from the kerosene combustion. They can leave our site in full confidence.




For players in the transport sector and users of “heavy goods” vehicles, the issue consists in reducing the growth impact on the environment with a significant reduction in polluting emissions, while preserving the productivity of vehicles and optimizing fuel savings.

The European « Euro » emission standards set the maximum limits of polluting emissions for road vehicles. These increasingly stringent standards apply to new vehicles. « EURO 4 » standard in force since October 1st 2006 and « EURO 5 » in force since October 1st 2009 have allowed to divide pollutant emissions from industrial vehicles by 5 in 20 years whereas the traffic has doubled.

The C2FPA has a complete fleet of Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles equipped with “EURO 4” and “EURO 5” engines, which allows a reduction of 50 % in the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 80 % in the emissions of particles in comparison with “EURO 3” engines.