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"Full Member" TRAINAIR PLUS certificate

C2FPA has the "FULL MEMBER" status of ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS Programme.

The goal of the TRAINAIR PLUS programme is to improve air transport safety and efficiency with the establishment, maintenance and monitoring of high standards of training and competency of aviation personnel on a worldwide basis and in a cost-effective manner.










The C2FPA is “associate member” of the French-speaking airport association associated with Airport Council International (ACI) which gathers airport operators on the 4 continents.

Aeronautical expertise, airport culture

The C2FPA has been founded from the union of 35 French airports and the French Airport Union, “Union des Aéroports Français” (UAF).

The C2FPA, a training centre which provides regulated initial and revalidation instructions to airport fire fighters, specializes in aviation fire protection and wildlife hazard control and management to meet the specific needs of airport operators and entities in aeronautics.