C2FPA Company

The C2FPA has been founded from the joint investment of 35 French airports and the French Airport Union, “Union des Aéroports Français” (UAF).

The C2FPA, a training centre which provides regulated initial and revalidation instructions, specializes in aviation security in relation with crisis management, rescue and fire fighting and wildlife hazard control and management.

The C2FPA meets the specific needs of airport operators and entities in aeronautics.


  • Airport culture:
    • A Training Centre founded by the airport community and run by professionals of aeronautics;
    •  A company which works with institutional bodies and national and international airport entities.
  • Aeronautical expertise:
    • A close partnership with leading companies of aircraft construction and air transport;
    • The expertise and our legitimacy resulting from several decades of experience in airport management and safety.
  • High-performance equipment:
    • A technical platform of 15 hectares ;
    • Outstanding facilities which respect environmental standards;
    • Equipment of advanced technology.
  • Well-thought-out training methods and programmes:
    • Training methods and programmes approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority and certified by the International Civil Aviation Organization;
    • Programmes adapted to airport issues and individual needs;
    • Training methods which favour learning and motivation.


  • To guarantee high-level training through our activity;
  • To be in touch with your needs, to understand your needs, your objectives and your requirements;
  • To share up-to-date knowledge in terms of airport safety;
  • To provide constantly evolving and relevant training aids;
  • To get involved in an environmental approach / an approach of environment preservation