This program complies with French regulations:

  • Law No. 98-1171 of December 18 1998 on the organization of certain air transport services;
  • Decree No. 2001-26 of January 9 2001 relating to the technical standards applicable to the aircraft rescue and firefighting service at aerodromes;
  • Order of January 18 2007 on the technical standards applicable to the aircraft rescue and firefighting service on aerodromes ;
  • Order of April 10 2007 relating to the prevention of wildlife hazard on aerodromes;
  • Decree No. 2007-432 of March 25 2007 relating to the technical standards applicable to the aircraft rescue and firefighting service at the aerodromes of Mayotte, the Wallis and Futuna Islands, French Polynesia and New Caledonia as well as to the prevention of wildlife hazard on aerodromes.

This program meets ICAO standards and recommendations: Annex 14 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation

  • Airport Services Manual, Part I “Rescue and Firefighting” doc.9137 – AN/898;
  • Airport Services Manual, Part III “Avian Risk Control” doc.9137 – AN/898.

This program is designed to provide training for staff involved in the management and implementation of airport security missions, for airports of all protection levels (1 to 10).

Within the framework of specific requests, we adapt a customized training program corresponding to your strategic development axes.

Finally, all our trainings can be financed by the D.I.F. or the company’s training plan.


In order to meet your needs and problems, we adapt training modules according to your specific specifications.

We offer you a wide range of tailor-made actions. Directly at your airport or by taking advantage of the technical equipment of our exceptional site, we create for you contents and teaching aids that meet the specificities of your airport entity, its environment and the public to be trained.

These solutions are as close as possible to your professional reality.

Some examples of themes we work on:

  • Operational Strategies
  • Aircraft investigation and rescue
  • Helistation
  • Crisis communication
  • General pedagogy
  • Emergency Beacon search
  • Flight attendant
  • Ramp personnel safety
  • First aid
  • Safety and use of wildlife hazard prevention equipment


For the organization of your seminars, conferences, congresses or other professional events, we put at your disposal our infrastructures and our educational equipment:

  • 4 training rooms with a capacity of 20 people and each equipped with the following equipment:

o Video projector;
o Multimedia computer;
o Multimedia animation tablet;
o Whiteboard and paper board;
o Ergonomically adapted tables and chairs.

  • Living room equipped with two hot drink dispensers and a water fountain;
  • Team building scenarios supervised by our team of trainers (Investigations in a smoky environment as a team; wearing protective clothing and intervention situations…)

Our logistics team, reactive and attentive to your needs, will meet your expectations.